Artist Statement:

Color, depth, light, movement and the way in which they interact is the focus of my work. Tapping into my innermost self, the physical manipulation of paint and the juxtaposition of shape, line, color within the confines of the canvas evoke memories and emotions.

Oil paint on canvas is my medium of choice. I am inspired by the history of past artists and their relationship to pigment and viscosity as a vehicle in which to express themselves. Thinning paint with turpentine creates movement and depth which are integral aspects of my practice.

As a Jewish Latina, the current administration’s policies have influenced my work. My feelings and emotions with regard to the political climate play a major role in my color choices, composition and subject matter. Seeking an escape, I have been drawn to the stability and tranquility of the sea. My recent paintings depict the light and colors associated with it.

Both my abstract and representational paintings look through to another realm, one of hope.